KUWAIT, Feb 7 (KUNA) -- Kuwait welcomes statements of the Iraqi government officials which aimed at dismissing false claims over Khor Abdullah, an inlet between Kuwait and Iraq, Deputy Foreign Minister Khaled Al-Jarallah said Tuesday.
"We welcome the statements that aim at calming the situation down, and we care-less to other statements that are wrong and aim at escalation," Al-Jarallah told reporters on sidelines of a reception held by the Iranian embassy marking the national day.
"We look at the positive side. The positive statements of the Iraqi official including Prime Minister Haidar Al-Abadi and Foreign Minister Ibrahim Al-Jaafari are what matters," he added.
Kuwait and Iraq have agreed to organize navigation in Khor Abdullah, he said. "This is not a border demarcation because this issue was settled by UN resolution 833." The two countries are in the process of implementing an agreement signed in 2012, which organized navigation in Khor Abdullah.
The 2012 agreement, deposited at the UN following the signature, calls for formation of a joint commission to organize navigation, guarantee safety of the inlet, protect environment, maintenance and expansion of the inlet, and handling fishing boats.
Al-Abadi, in a statement on January 31, termed as "unjustified" some parties' raising issues of Kho Abdullah and border demarcation with State of Kuwait, with which borders already demarcated in line with UN resolution 833.
"The aim of raising these issues at this time is to deviate attention from victory achieved in the city of Mosul," Abadi told a news conference.
"Unjustified media frenzy has been created over Khor Abdullah," he added. (end) hrz.bs