IRBIL, Jan 1 (KUNA) -- The Iraqi forces on Sunday killed 302 militants of the so-called Islamic State (IS) in Mosul and controlled new neighborhoods in the city, said a military.
In a press statement, media unit of the joint operations' command in Nineveh said that the forces had made progress for the fourth successive day of the second phase of liberating Mosul city.
In the eastern axis of the city's left coast, counter-terrorism forces retook new neighborhoods, according to the statement.
The Iraqi forces retook 46 neighborhoods in Mosul city in Nineveh Governorate at the end of the first phase of liberating the city.
The forces have controlled so far 44 percent of Nineveh's total area.
The Mosul battle has begun on October 17, with the participation of Peshmerga, Iraq and international coalition's forces. (end) sbr.hb