RIYADH, Dec 17 (KUNA) -- The Gulf Cooperation Council Saturday rejected threats by some Iranian officials against the GCC and other regional countries, considering them violations of diplomatic norms.
Threats by the Iranian officials contravene with principles of good neighborliness and non-interference in internal affairs of other countries, as stated by the UN Charter, GCC Secretary General Abdullatif Al-Zayani said in a statement without naming the officials.
Iran, he said, continued to interfere in affairs of the GCC and regional countries including Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Qatar and non-GCC Yemen.
The Iranian actions, added Al-Zayani, "shows how hostile the Iranian positions are, and the Iranian willingness to continue meddling in affairs of countries of the region, and provoke international forces to undermine security and stability of the area." Al-Zayani called on Iran to reconsider its "negative policy" against regional countries, and urged the international community to prevent the Islamic Republic from undermining peace and security in the region.
The GCC consists of Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Bahrain, Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates (UAE) and Oman. (end) yms.bs