KUWAIT, May 17 (KUNA) -- The National Council for Culture, Arts and Letters (NCCAL) opened the 19th edition of its international music festival on Tuesday evening with a function to honor Suleiman Al-Mullah, a Kuwaiti musician.
The festival, is part of the celebrations marking Kuwait selection as capital of Islamic culture for 2016, takes place at Abdul-Mohsen Abdel-Redha Theater until May 24.
It is being held under auspices and in the presence of the Minister of Information Sheikh Salman Sabah Al-Salem Al-Humoud Al-Sabah.
Addressing the opening ceremony, NCCAL's assistant secretary-general for the artistic and theatrical affairs sector Dr. Bader Al-Duwaish said the festival is one of the most prominent activities listed on the annual agenda of the Council.
"The event provides a platform for musicians from Kuwait and the Gulf region to compete in offering their inspiring music," he said.
Al-Duwaish thanked Sheikh Salman who is also minister of state for youth affairs and NCCAL president for his kind patronage of the event.
On the honoree musician, he said that Al-Mullah's rich music contributed to the efforts to bring people with different cultures close to each other through building bridges of friendship among them.
Al-Duwaish added that NCCAL's department of folklore and popular heritage worked out a 73-item agenda for 2016-2017, including 12 activities at Al-Qurain Cultural Festival, eight activities at the popular heritage festival and 40 events at the Kuwait - capital of Islamic culture for 2016 celebrations.
During the opening ceremony Sheikh Salman honored Al-Mullah along with the artists Abdullah Al-Ruwaished, Matraq Al-Matraq and Masha'el in recognition of their distinguished works. (end) akw.fsh.gb