PARIS, Dec 22 (KUNA) -- French anti-terrorist forces operating in the Sahel region have attacked terrorist targets in northern Mali, notably striking a mobile column of the Al-Mourabitoun group there, a Defence Ministry statement said.
The operation took place two days ago in the Menaka region of Mali where troops from the "Barkhane Operation" intercepted an armed column of fighters, killing 10 militants in a four-hour fire-fight, the statement said.
Two pick-ups and around a dozen motorbikes were seized, in addition to a large quantity of arms and explosives.
Al-Mourabitoun forces are known to have attacked local Malian and Niger armed forces in the region and have also carried out attacks against international peacekeepers in Mali.
France has around 4,000 troops deployed across several countries in the Sahel region in the framework of the "Barkhane Operation." (end)