LONDON, Oct 31 (KUNA) -- KUNA Deputy Director General for Administrative and Financial Affairs and Communications Abdulhameed Malak has underlined the significance of the agency's participation in the annual conference of the International Press Telecommunications Council (IPTC) in London.
Kuwait and Qatar were the only Arab countries eligible to attend the IPTC event, he said on Saturday, adding that participants approved the outcome of the council's task teams and affiliate committees, Malak told KUNA.
The annual event discussed modern criteria employed in authorized communications and software for reporting, he said.
In addition, the IPTC General Assembly endorsed the financial and administrative report, and elected the council's board. Some 22 bodies, including KUNA, took part in the vote. Stuart Myles of the Associated Press was elected Chairman of the IPTC Board of Directors.
On the sidelines of the annual event, a ceremony was organized to celebrate the IPTC 50th anniversary. It was attended by Myles and some board members.
In addition to Malak, the ceremony was attended by Director of Communication and IT Adel Al-Sammak.
Separately, the KUNA Deputy Director General and head of America's CNN training and marketing discussed bilateral cooperation and making use of the CNN services in editing and use of e-media and social networking, Malak told KUNA.
They also agreed to carry on with contacts to help KUNA implement its ambitious plan to promote its staff abilities in news editing.
After the meeting, Malak toured the CNN London Bureau, one of the key regional offices of the leading world network. (end) kd.msa