By Fajr Al-Hajri

KUWAITI, April 1 (KUNA) -- There are four million women who have been affected by the conflict in Syria and are in dire need of assistance in health and livelihood matters, said a UN regional official on Wednesday.
In statements to KUNA, UN Population Fund's Regional Director for the Arab Region Mohammad Abdul Ahad said the fund provides support to mobile health clinics, medical centers, and hospitals in many countries including Syria, Lebanon, Jordan, Iraq, Turkey, and Egypt for the benefit of women in need of basic health care including birthing facilities for the pregnant ones.
He said Kuwait had given the fund USD five million in the first donors conference in 2013 which the fund used to assist about 700,000 women, hoping that some of the pledges this year would also be earmarked for the fund's activities vis-أ -vis needy women.
He said that the fund had set up centers for women in a number of Arab countries, including Syria, not to provide them only with health services but also with psychological care and recreational facilities.
He lauded the cooperation between the fund and countries hosting thousands of Syrian refugees and thanked Kuwait for hosting a third donors conference and taking the lead in extending humanitarian help to these refugees. (end) Fh.ajs