CAIRO, Feb 26 (KUNA) -- Egypt's President Abdelfatah Al-Sisi and King Abdullah II of Jordan agreed in Cairo on Thursday on forming a joint group to work on a framework for countering regional challenges, a presidential spokesman said in Cairo.
During the talks, Al-Sisi appreciated Jordan's support to Egypt especially in the war on "terrorism" saying it reflected the bilateral historical ties. He also paid tribute to the Kingdom's backing to Arab causes at the UNSC, spokesman Alaa Youssef said in a statement.
For his part, King Abdullah II underlined his country's firm stance supporting Egypt, Youssef said.
Both leaders shared views on the importance of joining forces between the Arab and Islamic states and the international community to face the danger imposed by the extremist and terrorist groups.
They also agreed on the need to work hard to correct the distorted image of Islam, and revealing its tolerant nature that rejects extremism and violence and accepts the other. The role of Al-Azhar was highlighted in that respect.
The talks also addressed a host of regional and international issues, as both called for a comprehensive political solution to the Syrian crisis, to end the sufferings of the Syrian people and maintain the unity and territorial integrity of the country.
On the Palestinian scene, Al-Sisi and King Abdullah II discussed ways to break the current stalemate and resume negotiations, paving the way for the two-state settlement.
They also confirmed support to the Libyan official institutions, the elected parliament and the national army, supporting a political solution that can help to realize security and stability in the country. (end) aff.bsr.msa