PARIS, Aug 6 (KUNA) -- The French government on Wednesday urged the international community to mobilise to help protect Iraqi minorities threatened by radical groups in Iraq, mainly in the north of the country, a statement said. "France is gravely concerned by the situation in the Sinjar area, which ISIS captured on August 3. Many people belonging to minority communities-particularly Yazidis-have fled and been unable to reach a safe place. The jihadists have already moved forward with killings and forced conversions," the Foreign Ministry said here.
Paris urged both the Iraqi government and international bodies to help protect these populations.
"France calls on the Iraqi authorities to do everything they can to provide aid and protection to the hundreds of thousands of residents of the town of Sinjar and the surrounding areas," the statement added.
France said that it also "wants the international community to mobilize, in view of the dramatic situation of minorities threatened" in Iraq by radical groups like the Islamic State. French authorities already urged on Wednesday that the Security Council to speak out on this issue and they say they will continue efforts in all international bodies and with France's partners to ensure the protection of these minority populations. (End) jk.ajs