CAIRO, July 14 (KUNA) -- Qatari Foreign Minister Khaled Al-Attiyah said Monday an Arab diplomatic action should depend on the weight of Arab countries at the international level in order to protect the Palestinian people from the Israeli aggression.
Addressing the Arab urgent Foreign Ministers' meeting in Cairo, Al-Attiyah proposed the establishment of a commercial port in Gaza to be internationally supervised as an interim solution to alleviate suffering of the Palestinian people thus paving the way for the establishment of their independent state on the 1967 borders.
He said the international community should provide guarantees that would allow the Palestinian Authority pay wages of employees in Gaza Strip, who take care of more than 50,000 families.
Today's meeting is being held in "exceptional and complex circumstances" resulted from the Israeli offensive on Gaza which was witnessing "inhumane" atrocities by the occupation forces in a clear challenge of the international community, international law and human rights, he added.
Al-Attiyah said Israel used the killing of the three Jewish teenagers and the Palestinian reconciliation as a pretext for launching the offensive on the Palestinians.
He blamed the UN Security Council for doing nothing to stop the Israeli onslaught.
The Arab countries should use all means possible to force Israel comply with all UN resolutions and abondon the use of force.
Abdullah Ghabbash, Minister of State at the United Arab Emirates (UAE), called for forming an international fact-finding commission to investigate the Israeli war crimes against the Palestinian people.
Ghabbash said the Palestinian people have been exposed to a systematic and excessive Israeli aggression which killed scores of civilians, wounded hundreds others and destroyed houses.
The UAE, he asserted, strongly condemned the Israeli hostile practices in the occupied Palestinian territories including the collective punishment methods.
Israel, he added, was deliberately undermining the pillars of peace, enforcing occupation, confiscating Palestinian lands, tightenining the siege on Gaza, and changing the demographic and geographic structure of occupied Palestinian lands including Jerusalem.
Ghabbash said the international community must act to protect the Palestinian people.
Saudi Deputy Foreign Minister Prince Abdulazizn bin Abdullah, for his part, noted that King Abdullah bin Abdulaziz has instructed provision of 200 million riyals for the Palestinians in Gaza.
The international community should be ashamed because it fails the Palestinian people, he said. (pickup previous)