TUNIS, June 25 (KUNA) -- Chiefs of Arab border, airport and harbor agencies met here on Wednesday, with a Kuwaiti Interior Ministry delegation participating.
In a keynote speech, Secretary-General of the Council of Arab Interior Ministers Mohammed Al-Kuman stressed the necessity of achieving integration among all Arab security bodies and agencies in the fight against smuggling, illegal immigration, human trafficking and transfer of terrorists and ammunitions.
He called on Arab interior ministers to seek to broaden the scope of coordination among Arab security and military forces in anti-terrorism efforts.
Since the 2011 events in the Arab world, border, airport and harbor security organs have increasing tasks and responsibilities to shoulder for border control, Al-Kuman said.
Terrorist and criminal organizations, smugglers and human traffickers are trying hard to wreak havoc on Arab countries, he pointed out.
To fight such scourges in an effective manner, Arab governments should provide their security organs with well-trained personnel and necessary equipment, Al-Kuman requested.
On his part, the chairman of the conference, Colonel Rasheed Bufos of Morocco said more concerted cooperation is required from Arab security agencies in the field of sharing experience and intelligence.
Effective solutions should be found in order to combat weapon-running, illegal immigration and all types of organized crimes, he said.
As such crimes are seriously growing in unstable Arab countries, more cooperation need to be created so as to fend off relevant threats and menaces to regional security and stability, he pointed out.
The conferees meeting here in the Tunisian capital are expected to discuss a host of major security issues, mainly a holistic Arab strategy to fight sea piracy. (end) nm.mt