WASHINGTON, March 11 (KUNA) -- The US voiced support Tuesday towards the democratically elected Libyan government after parliament voted to oust their Prime Minister, Ali Zaidan who took office in 2012.
"We've of course been closely following the developments in Libya since the start of its revolution and throughout its ongoing democratic transitions," said Department of State Spokesperson, Jennifer Psaki.
Psaki affirmed, "We appreciate the leadership of the prime minister, who navigated a fragile time in Libya's transition, and we'll continue to monitor and be in close touch on the ground about the situation as well." She stressed, "We know political transitions take time, and especially from a four-decade dictatorship to a truly democratic system.
"We will continue to support the democratically elected Libyan government and its people," she added. (end) ak.bs KUNA 112225 Mar 14NNNN