Algerian Pres. Bouteflika bids for reelection in April polls

التاريخ : 03/03/2014

ALGIERS, March 3 (KUNA) - Algerian President Abdulaziz Bouteflika registered for the April 17 Presidential Election at the Constitutional Council on Monday, just one day ahead of the end of the legal period, due on March 4 midnight.
The candidacy of President Bouteflika, leader of the National Liberation Front, is the fifth official bid.
The other bids were made by Moussa Touati - president of the National Front, Abdulaziz Belaid - president of El-Moustakbel Front (FM), Ali Zaghdoud - president of the Algerian Gathering (RA), and General Secretary of the Workers Party (PT) Louisa Hanoune.
Former prime minister Ali Benflis is expected to table his candidacy papers to the Constitutional Council tomorrow. (end) KUNA 032320 Mar 14NNNN