ROME, Aug 30 (KUNA) -- Italy Friday welcomed the British parliament's rejection of a government motion to carry out a military strike against Syria, while criticizing lack of coordination among EU countries regarding the military option.
The British House of Commons vote last night against the military intervention "boosts arguments of those who decide to work to reach a political solution for the crisis" in Syria, defense minister Mario Maura said in a press statement.
The vote sends a message to all that the "explosion of the Syrian conflict can ignite fire not only in the region but the whole world," he said.
Foreign minister Emma Bonino warned against possible "limited strike" against Syria without UN authorization which could trigger "a Syrian response." She said the Italian government, which rejected the military option, would discuss with the parliament the conflict in Syria which killed over 100,000 people and displaced millions others.
"There is no military solution for the Syrian crisis but the continuous international political and diplomatic pressure remains the only available option," she added. (end) KUNA 302130 Aug 13NNNN