BAGHDAD, Aug 25 (KUNA) -- In a new wave of violence 52 Iraqis were killed, among them five soldiers, and 119 injured in central Iraq on Sunday, a security source said.
Nine Iraqis were killed and 18 injured when an improvised bomb exploded in a popular coffee shop at Al-Basateen area, northeast of Baghdad, the source told KUNA.
Most victims were young men who used to visit the coffee shop.
In the capital's southern town of Al-Ameen, three people were killed and nine injured in a booby-trapped vehicle explosion.
In Al-Ghazali area, also in the south, two civilians were killed and six injured, among them a police officer, when an improvised bomb exploded.
Three people were killed and six injured in another explosion at a popular area near Al-Shorta area, west of the capital.
In Al-Maladin area, south of the capital, one civilian was killed, and five injured in an improvised bomb targeting a soccer field.
Meanwhile, a security source in northern Nineveh province said that two civilians were killed in gun fire by armed men in two separate attacks.
The source added unknown armed men killed five soldiers in ambush near Al-Shura area and burned their bodies afterward.
Medics in Mosul said that the five soldiers' dead bodies could not be recognized.
In Diyala, four civilians were killed and 24 injured in a booby trap car explosion west of Baqouba. (end) mhg.mb KUNA 252331 Aug 13NNNN