By Hammad Al-Mutairi KUWAIT, July 6 (KUNA) -- Ministry of Information's electoral media committees have already begun implementing a scheduled broad plan for parliamentary elections due on July 27, said a ministry undersecretary on Saturday.
Electoral steering committee has already held meetings at level of assistant undersecretaries, discussing the ministry strategy to cover "this democratic event, affirming the state media capacity to cover such events," said Salah Al-Mubaraki, the ministry undersecretary and the chairman of the steering committee, in an interview with KUNA.
The higher commission has drawn up "a clear road-map upon directions of Minister of Information and Youth Sheikh Salman Sabah Al-Salem Al-Humoud Al-Sabah who has put all the ministry technical and human resources at the disposal of performing this media mission with assistance of a group of skilled and trained young staff," Al-Mubaraki said.
The ministry is offering candidates for the upcoming polls free promotion of the their manifestos and views, Al-Mubaraki said, alluding to the audio-visual program, "candidate of the assembly 2013," which was first produced during the 2012 polls.
Team in charge of the promotion program will receive candidates, after end of nomination, as of July 7 till the 17th of the month, during the official work hours, to record their views for broadcast according to a set timetable.
Media coverage of the polling process will be a distinguished one, the undersecretary added, noting that the assigned teams, news personnel and technicians, are working diligently to finalize the program and ensure transparency of the process.
This plan includes recorded and live programs and documentaries, he said, also noting that young citizens would have a role in such activity to shed light on their aspirations.
Moreover, the ministry is planning news conferences, with participation of many government departments to portray the civil servants' efforts in the polling process and ensure "success of this democratic ceremony," in addition to educating the electorate about their constitutionally-guaranteed franchise, "as well as sound practice of this right." Some of the scheduled programs will shed light on demands of the voters, in line with the ministry strategy to publicize the public demands for service of the citizens and the homeland.
Joint committees grouping staff of the ministry of information and other departments have been set up, he said, explaining that the schemes envisage live TV talk shows with elite experts and analysts.
Some of the programs are designed to promote democracy, calm dialogue, based on means of serving higher national interests. The ministry, he elaborated, has already produced flash audio-visual messages promoting patriotism and law abidance. Officials of all concerned sectors will hold regular meetings to ensure smooth execution of the strategy, he said, hoping that the balloting day on the 27th of the month will be marked with a qualitative shift at the media level.
Al-Mubraki also indicated that the eventful elections will be covered by Arab and foreign journalists and that the relevant authorities have already concluded preparations for hosting them.
He praised the minister of information for his unlimited support for the mission, affirming that his full backing will impact positively on the media coverage of the polling. (end) hmd.smh.rk KUNA 061134 Jul 13NNNN