KUWAIT, June 4 (KUNA) -- The conclusion of the National Youth Project initiative was marked on Monday with a ceremony attended by a representative of His Highness the Amir who honored those who contributed to the success of the initiative and stressed the idea of a "Ministry of Youth Affairs" as the most valuable achievement of the effort.
Representing the Amir at the ceremony at Kuwait National Library, Deputy Minister of Amiri Diwan Affairs Sheikh Ali Al-Jarrah Al-Sabah said the project was "a success on all fronts". He also conveyed the greetings of His Highness the Amir Sheikh Sabah Al-Ahmad Al-Jaber Al-Sabah to Kuwaiti youth and to contributors to this national effort which yielded the drafting of the National Youth Document, presented to His Highness at the wrap-up conference of the project.
The project was headed by Amiri Diwan Advisor and Chairman of the Higher Supervision Committee of the National Youth Project Dr Yusuf Al-Ebraheem, and Chairman of the Executive Bureau for the project was Jasem Al-Rubaian.
As stated by the official internet platform of the project, the vision was "Enabling youth to participate in the advancement of Kuwait's future vision and its strategic and developmental goals." Having urged such project in the first place, the official noted that His Highness the Amir had upon receiving the document listing some of Kuwaiti youth's expectations and demands called for an extraordinary session of the Council of Minister, which he presided himself, and urged serious consideration and implementation, where fitting, of the proposals.
Addressing the same ceremony, Chairman of the Executive Bureau for the project was Jasem Al-Rubaian praised the efforts of the Steering Committee and its drafting of the general policies and goals that helped guarantee success of the project. He also praised the Executive Bureau's provision of all means and facilities needed to realize the goals set by the committee and its organizing of several meetings, forums, and conferences towards this end.
Al-Rubaian also extended thanks to members of Kuwait Youth Council for their careful choice of priorities through organizing workshops and holding meetings with state officials and ministers and also going out on field visits.
This sincere effort is appreciated and shall reach proud culmination with the creation of Kuwait National Youth Council, which would work as the link between youth and grassroots and the country's political leadership, he said.
The ceremony was concluded with honoring of 315 people whose contribution and effort guaranteed the success of the national project.
In remarks after the ceremony, Amiri Diwan Advisor and Chairman of the Higher Supervision Committee of the National Youth Project Dr Yusuf Al-Ebraheem noted that the Amir's support of this initiative throughout its different stages was out of his belief in youth as key players in the homeland's development.
On the proposals in the National Youth Document, he remarked they fall under two categories. The first category includes short-term proposals such as opening 34 stadiums and sports venues in schools across the country to be run by Cooperative Societies. The stadiums and similar facilities are now under the umbrella of the Ministry of Youth Affairs.
The second group of long-term proposals which require thorough consideration includes issuing legislation that meet youth's needs and expectations. His Highness the Amir had urged the cabinet to consider this group of proposals and implement wherever possible with all due haste, Al-Ebraheem said.
"Proposals are currently under consideration and we hope to begin to see implementation after the summer holiday this year," he stressed.
To stress earnest and sincerity of this effort, the national project activities and sessions as well as all its communication with the general public went under the motto "Kuwait Listens", which is also stamped, front and center, across the official internet website. The webpage clearly lists 11 "strategic goals" for the project, which all stress youth involvement and empowerment.(end) htm.afb.ysa.wsa KUNA 041359 Jun 13NNNN