ISLAMABAD, May 12 (KUNA) -- Chief Election Commissioner (CEC) Fakhar Uddin Ibrahim said on Saturday turnover of voters across the country was relatively high and estimated at 60 percent of the electorate. Polling in a National Assembly seat in Karachi city of southern Pakistan was delayed and cancelled by the Election Commission of Pakistan.
The CEC, speaking at a news conference, said, "Polling staff at NA-250 was hijacked". It was only in NA-250 in Karachi city that would require re-polling, Ibrahim said.
He also said voter turnover in Lower Dir of northern Pakistan was as low as 30 percent.
Ibrahim thanked law enforcement agencies for playing their role in holding "free and fair" elections in the country.
The CEC in his message to the people of Pakistan said, "We have held free and fair elections; the ball is in your court." He also praised the role of media in creating awareness for the importance of vote that lead to a historic voter turnover in elections. (end) sbk.rk KUNA 120931 May 13NNNN