DOHA, Sept 16 (KUNA) -- Qatari Al-Noor Group Holding said Sunday it was determined to go ahead with the production of a movie about Prohet Mohammad (peace be upon him).
The three-part USD 450 million movie, the Group said in a statement, would be produced by state-of-the-art technical and visual technologies.
Al-Noor said it was about to finalize the script "after overcoming big technical and drama-related challenges." The Group said the English-language movie aimed at "confronting all attempts to defame Prophet Mohammad (peace be upon him) and to boost understanding with non-Muslims." The movie will be translated to many languages to benefit the largest possible number of audience.
The Group asserted that the movie would not be shown but after being reviewed by senior Muslim ulema. (end) KUNA 162155 Sep 12NNNN