ISLAMABAD, Aug 22 (KUNA) -- A woman traveling to Paris from Pakistan's eastern Lahore city fell asleep during the flight, only to be woken up back in Lahore, her starting destination, said reports here on Wednesday.
A woman was traveling via Pakistan International Airlines (PIA) to Paris from Lahore. During the flight, the she fell asleep, citing relatives local Express news channel reported.
The flight after reaching its destination from Lahore to Paris went to Italy and then landed back into Lahore. However, the woman remained asleep and was only woken up when the plane landed back in Lahore.
The middle-aged woman's daughters and relatives lodged protest with the PIA authorities and blamed the airline for the mistake.
However, PIA spokesperson told Express that an inquiry has been launched into the incident and that the woman will be sent back without any additional charges. (end) KUNA 221533 Aug 12NNNN