PARIS, Aug 21 (KUNA) - The French government warned its nationals Tuesday not to take part in the forthcoming "Welcome to Palestine" event which aims to express solidarity with the Palestinian people.
Hundreds of French and Europeans have been trying for months to attend the events in Palestine, but have been largely blocked at ports of entry into Israel and have been detained and expelled.
The next efforts to get into Palestine are by-passing Israel and going through Jordan via the Allenby crossing point into the Palestinian Territories.
"France draws attention of participants in the new Welcome to Palestine initiative of the risks of ejection by the Israeli authorities as they pass the Allenby crossing point between Jordan and the Palestinian Territories," a statement from the Foreign Ministry said.
Israel has routinely arrested anyone suspected of going to Palestine to express support for the Palestinian people and Israeli authorities have also pressured airlines not to allow these people to embark at European airports.
Many airlines have agreed to the Israeli demands, prompting demonstrations in several capitals and airports here.
France said it has advised the non-governmental organisations of the risks they run if they try to go to Palestine via Jordan and has mobilised consular assistance to help those who may be arrested.
"France recalls its attachment to the freedom of expression as well as to the freedom of movement to and from the Palestinian Territories, which must be accessible to foreign visitors," the statement said, noting that Paris "regularly reminds the Israeli authorities of this principle." (End) jk.ajs KUNA 211652 Aug 12NNNN