BRUSSELS, July 12 (KUNA) -- Around 70 million people will fall into extreme poverty by 2020 and over 400, 000 children will not survive beyond the age of 5 because of the continuing global economic crisis. These figures were presented on Thursday in the European Parliament's human rights committee by the director of the Center for Economic and Social rights Ignacio Saiz, and UN Special rapporteur on the right for food Olivier de Schutter during a debate on the impact of economic crisis on human rights.
Saiz reminded that the economic crises has caused austerity measures almost in hundred countries in the world. He warned that these measures can be threat for human rights and even prolong the effects of crisis. De Schutter emphasized that most of the impacts of the crisis are seen in developing countries ."In 2011 total EU aid declined for the first time since 1997," he said pointing out that especially women and young people are hit by the impacts of the crises. EP's report on the impact of economic crisis on human rights is scheduled to be voted in the full session of the parliament in March 2013. (end) KUNA 122059 Jul 12NNNN