CAIRO, July 8 (KUNA) -- Egypt's new President Mohammad Morsi has received an invitation from US Counterpart Barack Obama to visit the United States and attend the UN General Assembly session in September.
The invitation was delivered by US Deputy Secretary of State William Burns, Spokesman of the Egyptian Presidency Dr. Yasser Ali told reporters here on Sunday.
During his meeting with President Morsi, Burns reaffirmed Washington's support to Egypt's democratic transition and economic recovery in the face of the challenges of the post-revolution era, a stance that was highly appreciated by President Morsi, Dr. Ali revealed.
The talks dealt also with the bilateral ties in the framework of the international institutions, the presidential spokesman added.
Ali's remarks were echoed by Burns who added that Secretary of State Hillary Clinton will visit Egypt later this month.
The United States is committed to helping Egypt to overcome the economic challenges, address the debt burdens, create jobs, improve education, encourage foreign investment and promote tourism, Burns affirmed.
He noted that his country understands the aspirations of the Egyptian people who pin high hopes on their first civilian democratically-elected president and his new administration.
Washington will help Egypt to receive a loan from the International Monetary Fund (IMF) under a mutually-acceptable agreement, Burns pledged, noting that such a loan will have a positive impact on the confidence of foreign investors in the Egyptian economy.
Asked about the Egyptian-Israeli ties, he said Washington appreciates the remarks recently made by both parties that they will continue commitment to their peace accords (of 1979) and the international obligations.
Burns added that his country builds its partnership with Egypt on the basis of Egypt's influence on peace and security in the Middle East. (end) KUNA 082039 Jul 12NNNN