KUWAIT, May 17 (KUNA) -- Kuwait's energy consumption, which makes up roughly 16 percent of the oil-rich Gulf nation's oil production, has risen by 66 percent compared to the year 2000, according to a recent study.
Kuwait consumes around 413,000 barrels per day, exceeding output rise of only 14 percent, showed the study, released by the Diplomatic Center for Strategic Studies.
Kuwait's growing energy consumption is a key challenge to strategic development goals in the country, added the study, a copy of which was obtained by KUNA.
It deemed the hike in energy consumption a big problem not only to Kuwait but to several world countries as well.
However, it listed main obstacles to Kuwait's strategic oil plan targeting an output rise to four million barrels per day by 2020 as poor oil infrastructure and technological complications of stupendous oil and gas reserves development.
Global oil industry in general is predicted to face major challenges in the coming decades amid expectations of high demand for oil hitting 35 percent by 2035, the study indicated.
The Arab region, which has a population of 350 million, consumes 10.8 million barrels of energy, making up five percent of the world's total energy consumption, it added.
In Arab countries, per capita consumption of energy hits 11.4 barrels per annum, which is the fastest rate in the world. Arab oil reserves are estimated at roughly 683 billion barrel, constituting 58 percent of the world's total energy reserves, the study showed. (end) asj.tb.mt KUNA 171606 May 12NNNN