(with photos) KUWAIT, April 17 (KUNA) -- Kuwait Fire Services Directorate (KFSD) announced, on Tuesday, that fire fighters, from various departments, are working on putting out the massive tires' fire in Rhayya Area, Jahra. The flames are expected to be extinguished completely later today.
General Manger of KFSD Lieutenant Jassim Mohammad Al-Mansouri told KUNA that huge efforts were exerted earlier today not only to put out part of the fire but also isolate the fire area with 7-meter dirt tracks from the massive pile of burning tires.
Weather condition helped in minimizing damage done by the fire. The wind blew the fire smoke toward the seaside, Al-Mansouri noted. He added that what matters now is "prevent the spread of fire to other parts of the area." He further added that the biggest part of the fire is now under control and the location is being covered with sand.
"Dealing with tire fires requires strenuous efforts," he pointed out. He clarified that the affected area should be divided into parts and sections to extinguish fires of that massiveness. (end) mdd.tb.nfm KUNA 171627 Apr 12NNNN