BAGHDAD, March 28 (KUNA) -- Iraq announced its full support of the effort exerted by the joint envoy of the United Nations and Arab League Kofi Annan to end crisis and violence in Syria, while stressing its opposition to foreign intervention in the Arab country.
The stance was expressed by Foreign Minister Hoshyar Zebari while addressing the Conference of Arab Foreign Ministers ahead of the Arab Summit to be hosted by the Iraqi capital.
Zebari said his country fully supports the legitimate demands and expectations of the Syrian people, namely their quest for freedom and democracy, right to shape their future and to choose their government, and to see a peaceful transition of power. He also stressed Iraq's condemnation of killings and violence, as well as its belief in a political solution for the crisis.
The minister said Iraq also supports all resolutions passed by Arab League on the Syrian dossier.
On a different note, the Iraqi minister urged all parties concerned to avoid promotion of Fatwas that encourage confrontation and divide within Arab societies, and also urged Arab media to avoid sensationalism and anything that could jeopardize freedom of opinion, as well as anything that leads to sectarian conflict or hatred of any group or community.(end) ahh.wsa KUNA 281358 Mar 12NNNN