KUWAIT, March 24 (KUNA) -- Death toll of Syrian army attacks in Syria Saturday has risen to 45 people, including three women and four children, most in Idleb and Homs, Local Coordination Committees said.
The Syrian army is still bombarding houses in Homs and areas outside Damascus, Aleppo, Daraa and Hama, the committee said in a statement.
They added a large number of snipers were positioned on buildings' roofs to hunt down people.
The regular army, backed by armored vehilces and tanks, are surrounding Majra Al-Ziada neighborhood in Hama, while other neighborhoods are being shelled heavily by mortars, said the committees.
The Syrian forces, they added, have been cracking down on anti-government protests in many areas nationwide. (pickup previous) om.bs KUNA 242126 Mar 12NNNN