PARIS, July 6 (KUNA) -- A French Senate group that oversees the Palestinian question has criticized the action of Greek and other authorities in blocking the departure of the second "Freedom Flotilla" to Gaza, bringing humanitarian aid to the embargoed Palestinian Territory, a statement said on Wednesday.
Greek authorities, under supposed pressure from Israel, have put administrative and technical obstacles in place to prevent the departure of a number of vessels in the flotilla, while several other boats reported they had been sabotaged.
Organizers have said that Israel is the only country to benefit from the sabotage, although no clear evidence has been found to implicate Israeli services in damaging propellers on some boats.
The French Senate's "International Information Group on the Palestinian Territories" said that only international pressure like that created by the "Freedom Flotilla" could ease the conditions for the Palestinian Population in Gaza.
The Group recalled that after the Israeli attack on the first flotilla in May 2010, an attack that killed nine Turkish humanitarian workers, Israel was compelled to ease some restrictions on Gaza because of the international uproar.
"Only continuous outside press, which the flotilla is causing, can loosen the stranglehold which is smothering this territory for four years and which is only feeding radicalism and making traffickers rich," French Senator Monique Ben Guiga said in a statement.
Ben Guiga, who is President of the Senate Group condemned the nations that are "participating in the blockade" of Gaza by preventing the flotilla from sailing.
"We should demand the immediate lifting of the blockade of Gaza and it is high time that the population of Gaza is allowed to be supplied normally," the Senator said.(end) jk.asa KUNA 061038 Jul 11NNNN