(with photos) MANAMA, May 21 (KUNA) -- Kuwaiti ambassador to Bahrain Sheikh Azam Mubarak Al-Sabah said on Saturday that Kuwait ensured to send naval forces to Bahrain to protect its borders.
Sheikh Azam told KUNA, during a routine exchange of the Kuwaiti naval forces, that "the Kuwaiti naval forces were spread out to protect areas which were not covered by the Peninsula Shield Forces." "The Kuwaiti participation in protecting the Bahraini borders comes as a part of a national duty toward a brotherly country and as an implementation of the GCC defense pact to preserve stability and security in the region," the Kuwaiti envoy noted.
The Kuwaiti military attach{ in Bahrain Colonel Ali Al-Asaker said that Kuwaiti naval officers are highly qualified and well-trained in using the latest military equipment and weapons.
"Protecting Bahrain from any outside aggression is an honor to the Kuwait Army," Al-Asaker remarked. (end) mga.nfm KUNA 211244 May 11NNNN