BAGHDAD, April 30 (KUNA) -- Unknown armed group using silencers killed on Saturday a Colonel from the Iraqi Defense ministry after attacking his vehicle on Mohammad Al-Qassem highway in Baghdad, injuring his wife and two other policemen.
A police security source told KUNA that the unknown armed men fired their weapons against Colonel Mustapha Hassan, while he was driving his vehicle, killing him instantly and severely injuring his wife.
The source added, the Colonel vehicle kept running and accidently hit a police checkpoint injuring two policemen.
Meanwhile, a military source said eight armed men wearing military uniform raided a high ranking military officer's house, killing him and his daughter before clashes erupted between the armed men and neighbors near the house.
On another front, the death toll from a suicide bomb attack, in a market area in the northern city of Mosul, increased to eight people and 20 injured, among them five soldiers. (end) mhg.mb KUNA 302329 Apr 11NNNN