(With photos) KUWAIT, Feb 10 (KUNA) -- The Municipality has won a verdict to clear out private sector activities in Jabriya, whom have been informed to vacate the premises in time for construction of a numberof projects in the area.
Minister of Public Works and State Minister for Municipality Affairs Fadhel Safar in a meeting organised by the municipality with people of the area said that private schools have been given substitute locations in preparation for the older buildings to be torn down.
The Municipality has penned an agreement with new cleaning companies tasked with the role and will also relay major exits in the area, the minister revealed.
These plans come as part of the country's development plan in all areas of Kuwait, with Mishref thus far completed.
For his part, Assistant Undersecretary for Sanitation Engineering at the Ministry of Public Works Khaled Al-Khezzi said that Kuwait's sanitation system was being developed according to a long-term plan, adding that the country has been divided into 16 phases, with 11 completed since the end of 2010.
The Jabriya sanitation development will cost around KD 20 million, and coordination with other ministries in order to avoid future problems has been carried out, he added.
Jabriya is an area filled with embassies, government offices and schools which will limit the ministry's ability to finish the project under a record timeframe. (end).
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