(With photos) KUWAIT, Jan 9 (KUNA) -- Kuwaiti Environmental official said on Sunday that the Cabinet was considering the establishment of a new industrial city west of Kuwait, in Al-Salmi, to reorganize industrial zones in the country and eliminate pollution resulting from the existing industrial areas.
Kuwait University is in charge of fully designing this industrial city and outline its structural form which would include sectors depending on the quality and specialty industries needed, in addition to having a labor force, Director of Industrial Environment Administration at the Environment Public Authority Mohammad Al-Enezi told KUNA.
Along with having a special labor force in the city, there will be an area for exporting and plants for treatment of industrial and hazardous waste, Al-Enezi added.
The official added that the environment's Higher Council is exerting efforts and actively working to accomplish such task, noting four meetings held by the council in this respect in the past year alone. (end) shd.mb KUNA 091945 Jan 11NNNN