KUWAIT, Oct 17 (KUNA) -- Minister of Public Works and Minister of State for Municipal Affairs Dr. Fadhel Safar on Sunday affirmed basic role played by Kuwait Municipality in both its executive and municipal sectors within framework of the development plan.
Most important decisions required to allocate lands for projects were contained in the first annual plan (2010-2011), he said in a press release on Sunday.
Safar said 413 projects had been allocated through cooperation between the executive and the municipal councils, and approvals were issued at various times in the last and current years.
Work is underway for the allocation of the remaining sites, as well as sites for 32 projects that had not been specialized yet, pending submission of relevant reports to the municipal council. Furthermore, he indicated that some projects were under examination and others in the execution phase.
He pointed out the need for the allocation of new sites, such as tracks of public utilities.
Representatives of the Kuwait Municipality held successive meetings with various bodies and studied the information and the nature of the lands to be allocated, he said. (end) zak.tb.mao KUNA 171713 Oct 10NNNN