BAGHDAD, March 2 (KUNA) -- The Iraqi police on Tuesday aired confessions by suspects in the last Ausgust 19 attack on the Foreign Ministry, which killed and wounded hundreds.
Lt. Gen. Qassem Atta, spokesman for the Baghdad Operations Command, showed the videotaped confessions of two suspects who said they booby-trapped the car which blew up the Foreign Ministry.
The first suspect, Mohammed Khaled said he took part in arming the truck used in the attack by mixing the explosives at his home west of Baghdad then he handed over the vehicle to the suicide bomber.
Khaled said that he then fled to Nainawa where he was later arrested while attempting another attack.
The second suspect, Abdulrahman Turky, said that he took part in arming the tyre at the Al-Hussein suburb and added that the suicide attacker was an Iraqi national.
Atta said that the two suspects were linked to foreign terrorists and that two Arabs were also arrested.
The attack, known as bloody Wednesday, killed and wounded some 700 people and caused extensive damage to the ministry's building. (end) ahh.aj KUNA 021324 Mar 10NNNN