KUWAIT, Aug 29 (KUNA) -- The unknown fate of people who went missing or were imprisoned during the Iraqi invasion remains a source of pain for Kuwaitis, and the country is still suffering from the social and humanitarian ramifications of the crisis, said the Kuwaiti National Commission for Missing and Prisoners of War (NCMPA) on Saturday.
The international community should come up with strategies to prevent similar dilemmas, NCMPA said in a statement, marking the International Day of the Disappeared which is celebrated on August 30.
Efforts made by the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) in the domain were crowned by locating thouands of those missing and imprisoned after Kuwait was liberated back in 1991, it said, adding that real cooperation was needed from affiliated countries.
Kuwait established a DNA database for those who went missing during the Iraqi invasion, it said, and noted that steps were taken to help locate Kuwaiti and third national victims.
It hailed ICRC for its notable efforts and called upon related countries to provide NCMPA with the information needed and abide by international conventions to help uncover the fate of missing Kuwaitis and POWs. (end) kz.aia KUNA 291144 Aug 09NNNN