PARIS, June 15 (KUNA) -- France said on Monday that it had summoned Irans ambassador in Paris to the Foreign Ministry on Monday but the envoy said he was "unavailable" and sent his First Counsellor in his place, according to official sources.
The French aides wanted "to express the disquiet of France on the subject of the ongoing events following the presidential election" in Iran.
The elections have been followed by widespread protests in Tehran by people protesting the result and alleged fraud or irregularities in the voted.
One person has been reportedly shot dead in the protests, which appear to be sustained Monday night.
"We have noted the intensity of the debate around the campaign and the very high turn-out level, which marked the vitality of the democratic processes in Iran," the French statement affirmed.
At the same time, France "expressed to the First Counsellor our unease concerning the allegations of irregularities in the ballot in Iran and the desire that the demands for recourse are examined attentively". (end) KUNA 152242 Jun 09NNNN