TEHRAN, June 14, (KUNA) -- The Iranian nation is the most political, social and committed nation, President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad said Sunday.
Ahmadinejad said at his first press conference after his re-election, that 70 million have celebrated the June 12 elections, yet only 40 million people who celebrated the victory.
He added "Protestation is a natural way to be acted by some, due to the fact that they have not achieved enough votes as advertised." In addition, he stressed on the fact that Iran lives high "freedom".
Moreover, he commented on The Council of Guardians, stating that they only rely on law and justice, in order to give any opinion.
He refused the fact that many have condemned and questioned the elections, therfore, he said that Iran have chose thier representative by their own.
In addition, Ahmedinejad said now the election procedure was wrapped up it is now time for friendship and construction of the country.
Meanwhile he said that airspace is open for whoever wants to discuss politics, yet there is no problems with the election and nothing to be discussed in this matter.
Highlighting the great potential and splendid capacities of the Iranian nation for development and advancement in different arenas, he will focus on consolidating infrastructures in cultural, political and economic domains.
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