ISLAMABAD, June 4 (KUNA) -- Pakistan has arrested the key Swat peace deal broker between the government and militants of Swat valley; his militant outfit has confirmed the arrest.
According to media reports citing unnamed sources, Maulana Sufi Mohammad has been arrested along with his sons, key party leaders including his spokesmen Maulana Amir Izzat and Maulana Mohammad Alim.
Maulana Sufi of Tanzim-e-Nafaz-i-Shariati Muhammadi (TNSM) was released after over two year long detention in March to help negotiate peace deal between the government and Swat valley militants, led by his son-in-law Mullah Fazllulah. However, the peace deal failed and the government declared operation against the militants. Since, the military launched operation against Mullah Fazllulah and his force of 4000 to 5000, Maulana Sufi has been missing. Official sources confirmed to KUNA the arrest and said that they have been flown to Peshawar. Militarys media wing confirmed the arrests of his spokesmen and Maulana Wahab, another TNSM key leader. It in a statement said that the arrests were made in a raid on a Madrassah in Aman Darra area of the valley.
It added that three Afghan militants were also arrested and eight grenades and a huge quantity of ammunition was also recovered. (end) amn.ajs KUNA 042007 Jun 09NNNN