GENEVA, April 18 (KUNA) -- The Civil Society Forum organized by a coalition of NGOs kicked off here Friday night, ahead of the Durban Review Conference Monday, on a hot rod.
Secretary-General of the All Africa Student Union (AASU) Oludore Ogunlana urged the members of the civil society to fight to the end during the conference in order to change the outcome draft document and added that it will be a very difficult confrontation.
Ogunlana stressed that it cannot be accepted that under the pretext of safe-guarding freedom of opinion and expression that the expression of racist ideas to incite hate, violence and racial discrimination be allowed.
Meanwhile, Honorary President of the Belgium Senate Senator Anne-Marie Lizin noted that there was in Europe a European racism and that now the situation is more complex with the 26 member states.
She expressed regret that the Israeli attack against Gaza was not mentioned in the draft document noting that the Israeli army acted in a racist attitude in their war in Gaza.
Lizin stressed that Human Globalization was not realized while nourishing global hatred was uncontestable.
Vice-President of the European Network Against Racism Chibo Oneyi said that the consensus draft document does not unambiguously identify the crucial issues of racism and urged the international community to direct its attention to the Middle East where the right to live in peace is violated.
He stressed that 19 million people who live in Europe today are of immigrant origin.
Representative of the Arab Commission for Human Rights Hani Abdel Wahab told the Durban PREPCOM 3 yesterday that it is regrettable that the Monday conference will address no message to the victims in the occupied Palestinian territories.
He added that since Durban 2001 the situation of Palestinians by virtue of occupation has dramatically deteriorated, noting the laws and discriminatory practices of building the separation wall, which was condemned by the International Court of Justice (ICJ).
Abdel Wahab noted that the current situation of the Palestinians make peace a difficult trophy to attain whether during this generation or future generations.
The Civil Society Forum continues through Sunday and represents the voice of the voiceless. (end) hn.ema KUNA 180937 Apr 09NNNN