GAZA, Nov 5 (KUNA) -- Israel announced on Wednesday that it has put all of its security forces, army and rescue services on high alert, particularly in Israeli settlements near Gaza Strip.
A spokesman for the Israeli army told Israel Radio that the announcement of the alert status came after the latest developments in Gaza and the firing of rocket attacks on southern Israel.
The spokesman said that Palestinian militants fired since this morning more than four rocket-propelled grenade and mortars on Israeli settlements near Gaza.
The spokesman added the shelling came in response to the demolition military operation by Israel to a tunnel built by Palestinian resistance fighters and was intended to be used to kidnap Israeli soldiers.
Israeli troops claim that they had killed six Palestinians during the operation.
Earlier, Israeli Defense Minister Ehud Barak warned that Israel will not hesitate to strike Gaza again. (end) zt.mb KUNA 060032 Nov 08NNNN