RIYADH, Oct 26 (KUNA) -- The Federation of Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) Chambers of Commerce stressed believes it is importance to join GCC efforts to fill the gap in food commodity production, according to its Secretary General Abdulrahim Naqi on Sunday.
In a statement on the occasion of the Food Security Forum to be held next Saturday in Muscat, Oman, Naqi said that there were a number of strategies on the way aimed at agricultural integration and unified food production, especially after the launch of the GCC Common Market.
He also said that the problem needed investment cooperation with Arab countries more familiar with agriculture as well as consumer awareness to adapt the volume of food consumption according to the state of the economy.
The forum Naqi said, will discuss the price surge epidemic of food commodities and its reflections on food security in GCC states as well as means to tackle its negative effects.
Another forum on the GCC Common Market is also to be held following the Food Security Forum next week. (end) od.sd KUNA 262125 Oct 08NNNN