KUWAIT, Oct 13 (KUNA) -- Jordan has won the Asian Stankovic Basketball Cup with an 87-69 win over host country Kuwait on Monday.
Rashim Wright, Zaid Abbas and Zaid Al-Khas all contributed to a 23-12 Jordanian advantage in the first quarter.
Things did not change much in the second quarter, with Jordanian efforts impounding the clash by 43-33.
The Kuwaitis attempted a humble comeback in the third quarter to a three point difference, which later increased to seven ending with 64-57, in Jordan's favour.
Jordan's tough defence and overwhelming tactics limited the Kuwaitis to only 12 extra points in the fourth quarter, ending in an overwhelming defeat.
Kazakhstan's 59-53 win over India also today, was enough to secure it second place in the basketball governing body championship held in honour of the FIBA Secretary General Emeritus Borislav Stankovic who did much for the sport, with Kuwait coming third. (end) ayr.sd KUNA 132221 Oct 08NNNN