BAGHDAD, May 26 (KUNA) -- Seven Iraqis were injured on Monday in two separate improvised bomb attacks on Baghdad International Airport road and Al-Shaab area, while a US patrol Humvee caught fire as result of a third bomb attack in Palestine street in Baghdad.
An Iraqi security source who asked not to be named told KUNA that an improvised bomb exploded on the airport road injuring five civilians.
In a separate attack, an improvised bomb exploded near a police center in Al-Shaab center north east of Baghdad severely injuring two civilians, including destruction of nearby shops.
A third improvised bomb attack targeted a US military patrol in Al-Muhandseen area causing fire to the vehicle.
Unconfirmed reports says eyewitnesses saw three injured soldiers coming out of the vehicle.(end) mhg.mb KUNA 261611 May 08NNNN