Paris By Sherouq Sadeqi (with photos) PARIS, May 21 (KUNA) -- The founding conference of the World Organization of Pan-Islamic Jurisprudence was held in the French capital Thursday entitled "Islam with no Violence" with the participation of members of the founding committee.
This conference is considered an important international event as the Organization is an independent one that brings together all the Islamic sects to address a new and moderate approach of the topics discussed. On the sidelines of the conference, the Secretary General of the Organization Sheikh Abu Al-Qassem Al-Dibaji told KUNA that the main aim of the organization is "to bring the different sects and their ideologies closer together." He added that "lately there have been many who are planting sedition and creating an environment of conflict and differences between the Shiite and Sunnis," and that the role of the organization is to prove that they are mistaken.
"For the first time we have created this organization that includes over 60 members of clergymen from all over the Islamic and western countries and that has an equal number of Shiite and Sunnis as members," he indicated.
He affirmed that he is very "glad" to hold this conference which will discuss several vital issues in a moderate manner.
As for the topics that will be discussed, Al-Dibaji said they will focus on "Islam with no violence," "Islam and the secular systems," "Islam and human rights," Islam and democracy," "Islam and terrorism" and "jihad in Islam." He noted that the conference will also shed light on Islam and the ethnic minorities, tolerance and the women rights.
Al-Dibaji stressed that he is "very optimistic" towards this gathering, saying that the main idea of this gathering came from Kuwait, where the head office is based, as well as another office in Lebanon.
He affirmed that this reflects that the "government and people are with shedding light on this issue," and support the principle of the organization. He expressed hope that the fruits of their work would come into existence in the near future.
According to the official, the reason behind choosing to hold this conference in Paris is because it is considered a main point in the world that gathers all the international media means and another reason is that they have received a warm welcome from the Paris Mosque for such an important gathering.
Al-Dibaji indicated that all the members present here today will be tomorrow at the Paris Mosque for the Friday sermon, which is considered "the first practical step taken to bring all the clergymen of different sects together and who will be praying side by side in one mosque and at one time for all the world to see this unity." The office of the World Organization of Pan-Islamic Jurisprudence was established three months ago as an initiative from Kuwait and Lebanon. Its founding committee includes President of the Iranian Academy for Science Ayatollah Mustafa Damad, General Mufti of Azerbaijan Ayatollah Shakr Bazadeh, Sheikh Mohammed Ouseiran and Sheikh Mohammed Balta Dali from Lebanon and Director of Al-Ghazali Institute at the Paris Mosque Dr. Jaloul Sediqi. (end)
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