ISTANBUL, Nov 23 (KUNA) -- Kuwait's Minister of Commerce and Industry Falah Al-Hajeri and Turkish Finance Minister Kemal Unakitan co-chaired here on Friday a meeting of the Joint Kuwaiti-Turkish Economic Committee.
The meeting aimed to activate all agreements previously signed by the two countries, Al-Hajeri told KUNA following the meeting.
He hailed as "fruitful" the talks with the Turkish side, saying that the talks constituted a new starting point for joint action in all areas of cooperation.
The talks dealt with the obstacles facing mutual investments and the two sides managed to develop preliminary solutions for them, the minister pointed out.
As for Turkey's request to sign a free trade agreement with the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC), Al-Hajeri hailed the move, pledging that Kuwait would back it during the GCC summit next week.
"Kuwait will do its utmost to back the Turkish suggestion," the minister asserted.
He voiced hope that the "distinguished and deeply-rooted" friendly ties between Kuwait and Turkey would serve the common interests of both countries.
The Kuwaiti investments in Turkey date back to the 1970s when the Kuwaiti development fund and other investors launched projects there, he pointed out.
Meanwhile, Unakitan said there are many untapped potentials of bilateral cooperation in various fields.
He voiced, in an interview with KUNA, the desire of Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyep Erdogan to raise the level of trade and economic cooperation with Kuwait to more satisfactory levels. (end)
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