BAGHDAD, Oct 31 (KUNA) -- Three Al-Qaeda activists were killed and one US soldier was injured in separate crackdowns on insurgents in Iraq, the US army said here Wednesday.
The US army said in a release that its troops on Wednesday killed three Al-Qaeda terrorists during an operation that targeted Al-Qaeda group in Kirkuk in northern Iraq.
The US crackdown was aimed to hunt an Al-Qaeda leader who had links to terrorist leaders in Iraq and was involved in assassinations and bomb car attacks, according to the release.
In a separate incident, a US soldier was wounded during a manhunt to flush out an Al-Qaeda-linked group leader in al-Khadraa neighborhood in western Baghdad, the US army said.
The wounded US soldier received medical treatment at a US army hospital before he returned to his military duty.
The wanted terrorist and three comrades were arrested in the US manhunt, the release added. (end) KUNA 311643 Oct 07NNNN