By Moustafa Al-Soufi RABAT, Oct 30 (KUNA) -- Assistant Director General of the Kuwaiti Al-Najat Charity Society, Jamal Al-Shati, started on Tuesday a visit to the Islamic Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (ISESCO) aiming at enhancing bilateral cooperation.
Al-Shati had talks with director of the ISESCO Education Directorate, Saeed Al-Noumas on means of fostering the educational cooperation between ISESCO and Al-Najat.
The three-day visit aims at acquainting the heads of the ISESCO directorates with the Al-Najat activities as well as discussing means to boost cooperation between both focusing on the educational and social aspects besides teaching the Arabic language.
Al-Najat Assistant Director General will also meet with head of the ISESCO World Islamic Call Society seeking a joint work plan to make the two societies' more dynamic.
Al-Shati lauded the ISESCO's role at the Arab, regional and international levels aiming at achieving comprehensive development, with focus on education, science and culture levels.
He also revealed a desire by Al-Najat to open an affiliate office in Morocco and some European and Latin American countries.(end) sf.wd.msa KUNA 302230 Oct 07NNNN