By Eman Al-Awadhi (with photos) KUWAIT, Sept 4 (KUNA) -- A new transit agreement may be signed between NATO and Kuwait on Wednesday that would further consolidate the relationship that was initiated between the two sides three years ago, said NATO's Deputy Secretary General Alessandro Minuto-Rizzo on Tuesday.
"The new transit agreement, which may be signed tomorrow, will allow NATO to use for peaceful means the territory of Kuwait for some transit, which is symbolic (of their relationship)," he told KUNA upon arrival in Kuwait.
The deputy, whose tenure is ending, is here on a farewell visit on the sidelines of which he will speak tomorrow at "The Relations Between the State of Kuwait-NATO" seminar, organized by the National Security Apparatus and hosted by KUNA.
"Relations between NATO and Kuwait are not fresh nor new, we were here nine months ago for a very important event where we discussed together issues of the region and cooperation between NATO and Kuwait, we are continuing to develop (this cooperation)," he said.
The official was referring to the International Conference of NATO and Gulf Countries: Facing Common Challenges Through ICI, held here in December 2006. On the sidelines of the conference, NATO and Kuwait signed an exchange of information agreement.
Asked how he foresaw the future of the region, Minuto-Rizzo said, "The situation of the region is not the best and is complicated at the moment. I think that this is the moment where people of good will have to come together for consultations and discussions to constitute a network that will promote stability." He concluded his statement by saying that this was a "welcome opportunity" to see further consolidation of relations.
NATO's deputy secretary general was received at the airport by Acting President of the National Security Apparatus Sheikh Thamer Ali Al-Sabah. The official will be leaving Kuwait tomorrow night, heading to Bahrain as part of his regional farewell tour. (end) ema KUNA 050006 Sep 07NNNN