ABU DHABI, June 23 (KUNA) -- The Abu Dhabi Authority for Culture and Heritage (ADACH) Saturday reported the discovery of new sites with archaeological finds in Al-Ruways in the western region and the relics are said to date back to the late Miocene age.
In a statement, ADACH Muhammad Khalaf Al-Mazrouie said the ADACH also found a site dating back to the Neolithic age (New Stone Age), the first discovery of items dating to this period of history.
Among the items discovered are three spears of superior craftsmanship which were all found in the same location and all date back to a hunter's post on high ground overlooking Sabkhat Matti, a huge, sterile salt flat in the western region of the UAE spreading into Saudi Arabia.
The statement said this indicates that the inhabitants of this area in the Neolithic age chose the high ground as a strategic position and monitoring post over 7,000 years ago.
The climate in that spot was much superior to that seen today, it said. There was good rainfall on which greenery and wildlife thrived and some data suggest seasonal fresh water also flowed in the region.
Al-Mazrouie said the authority is coordinating archaeological survey activities with all local authorities and bodies in the emirate to avoid detrimental effect of construction and development in areas of interest.
The ADACH technical team has conducted 27 initial surveys that covered great expanses of Abu Dhabi from the western region all the way to the northwestern and northeastern parts of the emirate.(end) bmg.wsa KUNA 230951 Jun 07NNNN