ALGIERS, may 19 (KUNA) -- A probe was launched to investigate a number of violations during last Thursday's legislative elections, said Algerian State Minister for Interior and Local Governments Noureddine Yazid Zerhouni on Saturday.
In a press statement, Zerhouni said there were very few violations and their instigators were not identified, adding that blowing violations out of proportion was only a maneuver to shed doubt on the elections' integrity.
As for terrorist threats against the elections, Zerhouni said although Algeria was subjected to a number of violent events, Algerians expressed their commitment to democracy and rejection of violence by participating in the elections.
The political committee monitoring elections, headed by Saeed Abu Al-Shaeer, registered a number of electoral violations.
According to Zerhouni and Algerian parties, only 35.65 percent of eligible voters participated in the elections. (end) ft.ayh KUNA 191927 May 07NNNN